Производитель: NXP Semiconductors
Модель: TV процессор
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Цена: 2,600.00 р.
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Video Post Processor

Loewe, a leading European TV manufacturer has chosen the flagship video postprocessor from NXP Semiconductors, PNX5100 to deliver full-HD picture quality on its latest 37-inch and 40-inch LCD TV line-up – the Spheros R37 Full HD+ 100, the Individual 40 Selection Full HD+ 100 and the Individual 40 Compose Full HD+ 100. The 100Hz flat panels from Loewe will draw on NXP’s Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP) technology and full motion compensated up-conversion to reduce contour blurring and halos for brilliant 1920x1080 high-definition (HD) images.

Roland Bohl, director for R&D at Loewe said: “As the HD LCD TV market matures and consumers demand progressive improvements in their viewing experience, the ability to up-convert and deliver life-like picture quality will be a key differentiator for Loewe. Having evaluated a number of video processors on the market, we found NXP to offer the right platform for up-conversion to realize our philosophy of image enhancement (Image+ HD 100) in order to complement Loewe's premium LCD TV strategy - stylish design with superior picture quality.”

Vincent Vermeer, product marketing director for digital TV systems, NXP Semiconductors said: “Loewe's choice of the PNX5100 with our MAPP technology for its full-HD TV line-up reaffirms NXP's R&D strengths and demonstrates our understanding of consumer expectations from HDTV viewing today and in the foreseeable future. NXP is powering the revolution in HD viewing experience, as TVs become the window to a world of content from a myriad of sources, with ever better picture quality.”

NXP's PNX5100 video postprocessor combines three-frame HD Movie Judder Cancellation (MJC), motion sharpness and vivid color management to successfully reduce the visible halo and blur in fast moving scenes to deliver an enhanced viewing experience for enjoying sports and action movies. The Automatic Picture Control (APC) feature dynamically adjusts the processing parameters used to obtain optimal improvement on every output frame.


Powered by NXP's PNX5100 video postprocessor, the Spheros R37 Full HD+ 100, the Individual 40 Selection Full HD+ 100 and the Individual 40 Compose Full HD+ 100 from Loewe are today available at retail outlets around Europe.

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